What is P-Stim

Pulse Stimulation Treatment

Find out how to relieve your pain today!

P-STIM it is a combining of  Ancient Knowledge with the innovative technology from Austria that provides non-drug treatment of acute and chronic pain with no side effects! Furthermore, P-STIM increases circulation and oxygenation of the blood about 50-60% through vasodilatation.

Professionals know, that "where is the blood-there is a life", so P-STIM is not only a painkiller, but it can also treat complex diseases, such as – gangrene and other acute and chronic pain like: lower back, neck, chest, back, stomach, knees, shoulders and postoperative pain.

Pulse Stimulation Treatment (P-STIM™) is patented with FDA, CE, TUV certificates.

The microchip P-STIM is placed behind the ear of the patient, the acupuncture in corresponding points and the pulses are transmitted through the stimulating needle. With the help of P-STIM, the patients are receiving continuous treatment for 4-5 days. Thanks to its tiny size and weight only 7 grams, the device does not limit the activity of the patient, because the power is supplied by battery.